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As exercise, I’ll be sharing a drop of my inspiration folder each day for a month. The theme will remain unspoken and will be relaxed yet connected. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to suggest a topic :)

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Bá did a variant cover for each chapter of the Gerard Way/Shaun Simon/ Becky Cloonan comic book Killjoys. I think they all look stunning. The Killjoys world is such a visually rich one. I was invited by the editor to do a variant cover for the final chapter, and I tried my best to keep up with the visual energy of both Bá’s and, of course, of Becky’s styles.

These originals will be available at the Beguiling booth (#1629) during SDCC.

Wow. I really love these. Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon are both a big influence on my work. Never get tired of looking at their stuff.  -A


Léon Bonvin, landscapes, 1859-1866. More: Walters Art Museum, USA.

"He had but the cold hours of the morning or the heavy hours of the night in which to draw and paint his water-colors." … Despite displaying great talent, Bonvin was largely unrecognized by his contemporaries. In 1866 he hanged himself at the age of 32, apparently due to financial difficulties. More: thewalters.org

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